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Dr. Larry S. Anderson

classroom teacher • principal • professor • international leader

Speaking for Improvement by Design

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Concurrent/Breakout Sessions
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Note: Workshops/seminars can vary in length. Some are available for half-day, full-day, or multi-day formats. The important thing is to make the workshop fit your needs.

Fitting Technology to Your Curriculum
Perhaps you are quite well-versed in the use of technology in your personal life, or perhaps you are a rank novice. Regardless of where you find yourself, this workshop will show you new and exciting strategies and activities guaranteed to enliven your teaching. The focus is upon student learning, but the path to achievement will cover specific methods of ensuring that technology uses are in tune with sound learning principles. We will examine multiple traditional curriculum areas, then investigate how to boost collaboration activities among students and teachers for enhanced achievement—and fun!

Podcasting Hands-On: From Start to Finish Without A Hitch
You've heard about podcasts, but don't know how to make one? No problem! Join the fun and create your own great podcast!
Attendees will learn, at a minimum: the meaning of podcasting; the history of podcasting; podcasting nomenclature/vocabulary; reasons for using podcasting; elements of storyboarding; importance of good audio; enhancing your podcast; publishing your podcast; hosting a podcast; evaluating student podcasts; and resources.

Google Earth™ and Other Free Resources
What's better than FREE? Google has brought numerous free resources to the classroom learning experience, so we will examine many of these and discover ways to incorporate them into vigorous learning activities. Not only will we use Google Earth™ to support several curriculum areas, but also applications like Google Docs, Spreadsheets, SketchUp, and Picasa. In this workshop, teams of teachers will explore free applications with which they are not familiar, and then will report to the remainder of the group on how these can be exciting additions to the school's instructional arsenal.
Note: Internet connectivity required for this workshop.

Blogging: Not A Panacea, But Very Close
Blogging is gaining ground in schools worldwide as a viable tool to leverage learning in a polydimensional fashion. In this workshop, we will ensure that all participants know what blogging is, then learn to set up their own blog. Then, after teachers get excited about the ease of blogging, we will discuss and plan activities in which students can become actively engaged as bloggers.
This application has been hailed as perhaps the main contributor to the attainment of 21st Century learning skills among students. Thus, it is essential that all us educators become increasingly familiar with blogging.

Technology Audits Made Easy (TAME)
This full-day workshop goes into great depth to demonstrate to school leaders the importance of accountability in the area of technology. Many people assume a negative connotation to the idea of an audit; however, a central purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate that an audit is a very positive thing.
Each participant will receive a copy of Dr. Anderson's book, Technology Audit Survivor's Guide, and a set of tools and forms to aid in conducting a local audit.
This is an essential workshop for serious school leaders!