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The following information came from the University of Virginia.

Format for Update of Information Technology Plans

The University Academic Computing Advisory Committee (ACAC) requests updates of annual school and departmental Information Technology Plans. A technology plan should not exceed ten pages. The format for the Information Technology Plan is as follows:

   I.  School or Department Mission Statement
  II.  Current Academic Computing Activities 
       A. Current Instructional Computing Activities
       B. Current Research Computing Activities
       C. Ways in which Requirements Are Being Satisfied
          1.  Current Computing Resources
          2.  Use of Academic Computing Resources
 III.  Future Academic Computing Activities
       A. Future Instructional Computing Requirements
       B. Future Research Computing Requirements
       C. Ways in which These Requirements Will Be Satisfied
  IV.  Support Staff
In the annual technology planning cycle, Information Technology Plan updates are requested in the spring, and submissions to the annual Academic Computing Support Program (ACSP) are requested in the fall. An Information Technology Plan is a prerequisite for submission of an ACSP proposal, and is used as a basis for evaluation of proposals.

This year we are requesting a description of ways in which technology support and maintenance needs are staffed in Section IV. In this section describe any internal staff who provide such support, either formally or informally, and the extent to which such needs are currently met through support from staff housed within the Academic Computing Center.

Departments which desire assistance with the strategic planning process can obtain assistance from the Information Technology Center. Contact:

Tim Sigmon, at 924-0615 (email: to request planning assistance.