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Technology Audit Survivor's Guide
by Dr. Larry S. Anderson (Founder/CEO, NCTP)

Have you ever wondered what on earth you would do if you had to undergo a technology audit? Does the very idea of an audit scare the wits out of you? Do you know how to make sure that a technology audit will be one of the best things that can happen in your school?
Well, this eBook will give you a clear, step-by-step procedure for understanding what an audit is, as well as how to build your local team so that success is a sure thing when you have your audit.
This 270-page book contains forms, tables, charts, and suggestions to lead you and your team into and through a "No Fear" technology audit!
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Guidebook for Developing an Effective Instructional Technology Plan--Ver. 3.5

This guidebook is a very clear, concise tool to help any organization create a successful technology plan as a result of considering a wide range of probing questions.
More than 50,000 copies of this book have been distributed throughout the world. As such, it has been called the most beneficial aid in existence to those who are charged with the responsibility of making wise decisions regarding technology use.



Visions & Revisions: A Workbook for Updating and Evaluating Technology Plans, Ver. 1.1

So, you have a technology plan document and you need to revise it ... but you don't know where to start? Or, maybe you "inherited" a tech plan that someone else created, but you have 1,000 questions about how to navigate the updating process?
This 3-part book is an excellent tool that includes: a) a sample technology plan; b) an extensive scenario containing the types of comments and evaluative observations that can occur during the first year of implementing a technology plan; and c) the suggested modifications to the sample plan, based upon the input provided in Part B. Visions & Revisions is a shortcut to evaluating and created an updated technology plan.


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