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Dr. Larry S. Anderson
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May 21, 2008
The National Center for Technology Planning (NCTP) is a clearinghouse for the exchange of many types of information related to technology planning. This information may be: school technology plans available for downloading online; technology planning aids (checklists, brochures, sample planning forms, PR announcement forms); and/or electronic monographs on timely, selected topics. The NCTP was created for those who: need help, seek fresh ideas, or seek solutions to problems encountered with planning.

Main goals of NCTP are to: 1) collect; 2) disseminate; and 3) help. Collection occurs as school districts and other agencies around the world supply NCTP with Web links to their plans--to be added to the growing repository. Dissemination is accomplished by the NCTP's making many plans available electronically for downloading via the Internet. Help is offered in the forms of consultancy/coaching, conducting workshops, providing keynote speech service, and distribution of printed matter (brochures, pamphlets, etc.) that deal with particular aspects of technology planning.

Important!--NCTP materials represent the school/education arena mostly; however, we serve many more types of organizations. Examples are: business/industry; military; government; agriculture; and public service.

The NCTP attempts to maintain the most up-to-date information available on the topic of technology planning. While this does include technology plans as an integral part of what we do, we also compile documents designed to help individuals at the local level who are attempting to work with (to implement) their plans.

Dr. Larry AndersonThe NCTP was founded in 1992 by Dr. Larry S. Anderson as a means to fulfill his vision for a network of people across the entire nation (and world) helping each other to achieve meaningful results in their planning for technology. His dream included a mechanism whereby educators would have free electronic access to plans in the center's repository. He realized that the success of this venture depended on one main characteristic that had been an historical strength of the teaching profession -- cooperative sharing.

The number of technology plans submitted to the NCTP continues to grow as the word of the NCTP's existence spreads. Dr. Anderson and his assistants work arduously to convert these plans into an electronic format that will enable the plans to be transferred via the Internet. Originally (in 1992), this involved scanning each plan, page by page, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. As ASCII files were created, they were placed on a file server at Mississippi State University so that users could take advantage of anonymous ftp (file transfer protocol) and/or gopher connections to download the plans.

As technologies progressed, though, we have been able to provide simple hyperlinks via this Web site devoted exclusively to NCTP.

How can you help? Simple. Just help spread the word to organizations and others with whom you come in contact. Especially, however, if you or someone you know has a long-range (2-5 year) plan for the use of technology, please send them to the NCTP. We will provide a hyperlink to that work, in an effort to help inform fellow planners around the globe.

Please contact the NCTP with your suggestions, questions, and recommendations. It is our goal to help any agency that is:

  1. preparing to develop and/or revise a technology plan;
  2. working on an unfinished technology plan;
  3. wanting to evaluate its current technology plan; and/or
  4. trying to implement a technology plan.
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